Welcome to FirearmsDesigner.com, Introduction

Welcome! On this site I shall provide tutorials covering the creation of firearms.  I have tentatively divided that subject into three sub-categories:

  1. Design – The actual understanding and creation of firearms.  Articles in this category will discuss firearms theory as well as the design process.
  2. Construction – Shop tools and techniques.  These articles will cover shop techniques that are useful in constructing or modifying firearms.  Some of these articles will be general shop tutorials and have broad application even outside of firearms work.
  3. Gunsmithing – Modifying and repairing firearms.  Changing existing firearms is related to both design and construction.  Articles in this section may overlap construction a bit, but are definitely specific to firearms.

This site was born from a confluence of events.  I participate on several forums dedicated to gun builders and gunsmiths and I wanted a central place to show my work so I didn’t have to re-post it at multiple sites, and interested parties don’t have to sign up at any given site to see it.  I had also started a book about how to design firearms, and this seemed like a good way to wring out the chapters.

I won’t make any announcement about the existence of this site until I have a good start on content here, but if you’ve stumbled in by accident, and the site sounds interesting, leave a comment, bookmark the site, and check back – there’s stuff on the way!

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6 Responses to Welcome to FirearmsDesigner.com, Introduction

  1. Scott says:

    Nice work Gene!

  2. Bob Martin says:

    I expect to be a really great Site when done.

    Its already pretty good now.

    …..Bob Martin (RVM45)

  3. gerry wallace says:

    thanks gene, i just added you to my favorites list. gerry

  4. hammermill says:

    well itis looking good so far keep working out it my friend

  5. Dean says:

    I came across this site through Google.
    I was looking for info on Gas Port Pressure.
    I just finished reading several articles here. Good stuff!
    Looking forward to the rest of the 45ACP AR15 build.



  6. C Fitton says:

    I just re-read the “making a chamber reamer” and am impressed as I was first time. Some of the terminology is a little out of my league, but to be fair this site isn’t for neophytes.

    Out of curiosity, where does one get chamber data for the ammunition that you intend to use? I have a sub-calibre/blank project in mind for a Boys .55 cal that I have access to, but don’t know the size of the casing.

    Any data available?



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