News, Notes, and Coming Soon…

There’s a lot going on ‘under the covers’ and I thought I’d let you in on some of it.  The following posts are all being worked on:

Continuing the .45 AR build – using QuickLoad to calculate gas port location and dimension. We’ll develop an hypothesis for calculating gas port size and location using pressure vs. displacement curves produced by an internal ballistics simulator.  We’ll test our hypothesis against some known solutions, and if everything works out we’ll determine the size and location of the gas port on the .45 AR.

Making wire springs, part 1 – extension springs.  As an introduction to making wire springs in the shop, we’ll detail simple extension springs.  The basic forming and tempering process lays the foundation for all wire springs.

Making wire springs, part 2 – compression springs.  Building from part 1, we’ll make compression springs – where the added complexity is producing uniformly spaced coils.

Making wire springs, part 3 – hammer springs.  In this last section on making wire springs we’ll detail a jig to form hammer springs – and we’ll make springs for an AK trigger group.

The AK-47 trigger group – design analysis and fixturing for use.  AK(M) trigger components are broadly available.  You may have some left from an AK ‘parts kit’ build, or you can order US made components.  Either way, it’s worth knowing something about this fire control group.  We’ll examine the function, then build a jig to determine some critical design parameters.  Our jig will also be useful if we are doing trigger work on these components, or designing with them.

A modular fire control group using AK-47 (AKM) trigger components.  Building on our study of the AK-47 trigger group, we’ll construct a modular fire control group using the AK trigger components.  This modular unit can be used as part of many designs.

A ‘scrap box’ .22 rifle build – this rifle will start out humbly, but get more interesting with time.  Starting with our modular AK trigger group, and some other scrap material, we’ll create a bolt-action .22 rifle, with an eye toward changing it in the future.

Cheap barrel blanks!

If you have a lathe, Green Mountain Barrels has introduced a line of “Gunsmith Edition” barrel blanks that are a steal with most coming in under $40. I’ve got several on order, I’ll follow up with my impressions.

Stay tuned…

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