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Tools and techniques for use in the gunmaker’s shop.

Making Wire Springs. Part 1: Compression Springs

Making wire springs This is the first of three parts on making wire springs. In this part we’ll discuss the making of wire springs in general, and the specifics of making wire extension springs.  Extension springs are occasionally used in … Continue reading

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Making a Floating Reamer Holder for Chambering Barrels

First, as always, gather your materials.  You’ll need: A piece of scrap ~3″ long by 3/4″ diameter One ball bearing, as close as you have to 1/2″ is handy.  You can adjust this to any size over about 3/8″ – … Continue reading

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Shop-Made Barrel / AR-15 Barrel Extension Wrench

Wrenches for installing AR-15 barrel extensions are extremely specialized, and ridiculously expensive.  The wrench described here is suitable for torquing the barrel extension to the 140 ft/lb specification, and will also work for grabbing 1″ barrels as well.

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Cutting ACME and other square-ish Threads

In this exercise we will make a 2-10 Acme threaded rod. This is a practical size for use in a number of projects, so the result may be useful to you.  The general instructions can be applied to any square-ish … Continue reading

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Cutting internal threads on the lathe

In this exercise we’ll cut some internal threads. Internal threading is very much like external threading, but with two additional challenges: Getting over your fear of cutting internal threads. Remembering to dial the cross-slide in the opposite direction to back … Continue reading

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