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Articles about modifying and fixing existing firearms

Making a Hammer-Fired Trigger Module for Prototyping

One of the things I’d like to attempt as this site builds up to actual design of firearms, is to create some modular pieces that can be used when other parts of the design are the point of interest. As … Continue reading

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Machining an AR-15 lower receiver from a raw (“0%”) forging

Ray Brandes has written an excellent treatise on machining an AR-15  lower receiver from an inexpensive “0%” forging.  What follows is a photographic expo of following those instructions (mostly) to create a new  AR-15 lower receiver. For the most part, … Continue reading

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Basic Marlin T-900 Trigger Job (Marlin 917V)

I just picked up a Marlin 917V, and after two shots I knew something had to be done about the trigger.  On my first attempt to shoot I actually stopped pulling because I thought the safety was on!  Regrettably, I … Continue reading

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Modifying an AR-15 bolt for .45 ACP

To build an AR-15 in .45, the bolt must be opened up to accept the larger case.  This also requires some work on the extractor.

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Detailed re-assembly of the 1911

Having detailed the complete disassembly of a 1911, it’s only fair to show you how to put it back together.  Much of the process can be considered “disassembly in reverse”, but there are some details that we need to pay … Continue reading

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