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The design of firearms.

Designing Triggers part 1: Simple Trigger Theory

The trigger is an integral part to any firearms design (various improvised ‘zip guns’ aside).  In its simplest form the trigger holds the firing pin, hammer or striker, hereafter referred to as the cocking piece, to the rear and releases … Continue reading

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Calculating gas port location for a DI AR-15

Some hypothesizing on gas ports – size and location.   Whenever creating an AR-15 in a new caliber, one of the key challenges is determining the characteristics of the gas system.  Chiefly, there are two adjustments that are easily made: … Continue reading

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Designing a Gas-Operated Pistol Caliber AR-15.

Let’s design a gas-operated AR-15 in .45 ACP.  Obviously that means starting with an AR-15, so much of the design is done already. Because the system will be gas operated, and therefore have positive locking, it should be able to … Continue reading

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Understanding Firearms Action Types

This excellent set of videos, made around WWII by the US Army Signal Corps explains in great detail the fundamental operation of firearms action types.  They’re not entirely complete (for instance, they ignore the distinctions of an open-bolt action), but … Continue reading

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