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Machining AR-15 upper receiver forgings part I – redux

Machining the upper receiver of an AR-15 is an intermediate to advanced machining project.  It is more difficult to make, on manual machines, than the lower receiver, and should only be undertaken by those who already possess a firm grasp … Continue reading

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Machining AR-15 upper forgings

It takes so long to generate a meaningful post (complete project) that we’re going to try posting progress pics.  Consider these a teaser.  When the project is done, I’ll publish a complete tutorial, with dimensions.  Until then, here’s what we’re … Continue reading

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Wednesday Book Review: Hatcher’s Notebook

  Julian Hatcher (1888-1963) is about as closely aligned with firearms as a person could be.  Raised in the same time period that saw the innovations of pump-action, lever action, and self-loading rifles and pistols and machine guns, his life … Continue reading

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Making a Hammer-Fired Trigger Module for Prototyping

One of the things I’d like to attempt as this site builds up to actual design of firearms, is to create some modular pieces that can be used when other parts of the design are the point of interest. As … Continue reading

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Friday Links

Since we’re on the topic of triggers, here are a few links related to trigger design in addition to some general interest links. The first is a PDF of the Remington-Walker trigger. and an explanation of the Savage Accu-Trigger. An … Continue reading

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