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Hudson H9 Review

Review of Hudson H9, sn: H043xx First impressions: The Hudson H9 appears to be very well made, with the kind of niceties of high-end firearms: an absence of sharp edges, and excellent fit and finish. It’s not as ugly as … Continue reading

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Completing an “80%” 1911 frame.

A sort of odd byproduct of bizarre firearms laws is the “80% kit”. Just to be on the smart side, you should understand that “80%” has no meaning beyond “some of the work has been done for you”. From a … Continue reading

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Rust Prevention: Testing Corrosion Inhibitors

There are a few really good tests of rust protection on the web. I thought I’d try a smaller study with some of the “winners” from those tests as well as a few I had laying around. I cut out … Continue reading

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Three Gauges

Taken from the book Centrefire Rifle Accuracy which I have previously reviewed, here are three gauges useful to any reloader, but particularly to a reloader who has chambered his or her own barrel. The first is a full case gauge. … Continue reading

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Installing flush-mount sling swivel cups

Today I’m going to install three flush-mount sling swivel cups in a Bell & Carlson stock for my Remington 700. Three because I want to use a Ching sling with this rifle and flush cups because I’d like a smooth … Continue reading

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