This site is a collection of articles and tutorials of interest to those who design, build, or modify firearms.

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  1. Josh Day says:

    I feel you deserve to know that for the past hour 2 hours I have been going through your articles and as of right now I am left hungry for more.

    I currently am designing a rifle that I plan to produce at least up to 5 models of. I have an upper apprentice level of experience with machining, autocad programing, and am a skilled fabricator yet I have felt much trepidation as I have moved closer towards building a functioning prototype. I have zero gunsmith experience outside of basic firearm maintenance and have been concerned about how I will accomplish my goals without having to purchase finished components. However, through reading your articles I feel much more capable as the smithing you’ve detailed fits more with fine-level machining than some mystical firearm skill. I am quite impressed by your work and wealth of knowledge. I have much to learn and now feel capable of doing so thanks to the work you have detailed.

    It seems weird to thank google but I do for it directing me to your blog. Your write ups help me greatly and I appreciate the time you spent on them. I hope you continue the good job you are doing as I plan to take full advantage of what I can learn.

    Thanks Again!

    Josh Day

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