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Designing Triggers part 1: Simple Trigger Theory

The trigger is an integral part to any firearms design (various improvised ‘zip guns’ aside).  In its simplest form the trigger holds the firing pin, hammer or striker, hereafter referred to as the cocking piece, to the rear and releases … Continue reading

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Friday links isn’t the only place on the web to find good information on gunsmithing and firearms design, so we’ll try to post up other useful sites on Fridays. Dan Lilja is a barrel maker of excellent repute and he’s posted … Continue reading

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Machining an AR-15 lower receiver from a raw (“0%”) forging

Ray Brandes has written an excellent treatise on machining an AR-15  lower receiver from an inexpensive “0%” forging.  What follows is a photographic expo of following those instructions (mostly) to create a new  AR-15 lower receiver. For the most part, … Continue reading

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