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Modifying an AR-15 bolt for .45 ACP

To build an AR-15 in .45, the bolt must be opened up to accept the larger case.  This also requires some work on the extractor.

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Making a chamber reamer

I need a chamber reamer to cut the chamber for the DI .45 carbine, so now’s a good time to demonstrate making one. The first step is to acquire chamber drawings. These can be found in a number of places. … Continue reading

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Detailed re-assembly of the 1911

Having detailed the complete disassembly of a 1911, it’s only fair to show you how to put it back together.  Much of the process can be considered “disassembly in reverse”, but there are some details that we need to pay … Continue reading

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1911 Detailed Disassembly

Thanks to the fine folks at Springfield Armory who donated four pistols to be given away at the Oregon Single Stack Championship, I have a new project gun.  I encourage you to support Springfield because they make a good product … Continue reading

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