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Making Wire Springs, Part III. Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs The final wire spring to cover is a torsion spring.  In its simplest incarnation a torsion spring is just a stick of music wire with a few twists, usually 2-5, wound on a mandrel, with the ends left … Continue reading

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Green Mountain Barrels – follow up

A while back I mentioned the deal that Green Mountain Rifle Barrels has on “Gunsmith Edition” raw, round, barrel blanks. I have since received three examples (paid for by yours truly – I have no affiliation with Green Mountain) and … Continue reading

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Making Wire Springs. Part II: Compression Springs

Compression springs Once you’ve wound a few extension springs, you’re ready to progress to compression springs.  Compression springs are widely used in firearms, and being able to make your own opens a lot of doors in your own designs as … Continue reading

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Making Wire Springs. Part 1: Compression Springs

Making wire springs This is the first of three parts on making wire springs. In this part we’ll discuss the making of wire springs in general, and the specifics of making wire extension springs.  Extension springs are occasionally used in … Continue reading

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Calculating gas port location for a DI AR-15

Some hypothesizing on gas ports – size and location.   Whenever creating an AR-15 in a new caliber, one of the key challenges is determining the characteristics of the gas system.  Chiefly, there are two adjustments that are easily made: … Continue reading

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