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Grinding lathe cutters in the shop

Grinding Lathe Cutters Grinding lathe bits is a dying art. The widespread availability of ready-to-use cutters has made it possible for hobbyists and small shops to work without having to acquire this particular skill. However, it behooves every machinist and … Continue reading

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Understanding Firearms Action Types

This excellent set of videos, made around WWII by the US Army Signal Corps explains in great detail the fundamental operation of firearms action types.  They’re not entirely complete (for instance, they ignore the distinctions of an open-bolt action), but … Continue reading

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Recently completed AR-15 in .458 Socom

This is really a test post, and bound to be deleted after I use it as a sandbox for playing with photos. Lessee how that worked…

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Welcome to, Introduction

Welcome! On this site I shall provide tutorials covering the creation of firearms.  I have tentatively divided that subject into three sub-categories: Design – The actual understanding and creation of firearms.  Articles in this category will discuss firearms theory as … Continue reading

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