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Building an AR-15 in .458 SOCOM

  There are several choices for those wanting a big bore in an AR-15.  The .458 Socom uses the ubiquitous .458 bullet – the same bullet used in the .458 Winchester – so there exists a great selection of suitable … Continue reading

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Chambering and Installing an AR-15 Barrel

The following documents the build of an AR-15 upper chambered for the .300 Whisper, also called the .30-221 Remington or .300-221.  This build utilizes a factory-made upper receiver frame (the same one used for .223), so the predominate focus is … Continue reading

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Making a Floating Reamer Holder for Chambering Barrels

First, as always, gather your materials.  You’ll need: A piece of scrap ~3″ long by 3/4″ diameter One ball bearing, as close as you have to 1/2″ is handy.  You can adjust this to any size over about 3/8″ – … Continue reading

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Shop-Made Barrel / AR-15 Barrel Extension Wrench

Wrenches for installing AR-15 barrel extensions are extremely specialized, and ridiculously expensive.  The wrench described here is suitable for torquing the barrel extension to the 140 ft/lb specification, and will also work for grabbing 1″ barrels as well.

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